Victoria Price

My wife Colleen, Lauren Parton, and I met Victoria Price at the Pump Room a couple years ago. She had just published her memoir about her father and was launching a wine label under his name. She wanted us to debut it at one of our dinners here in Chicago. We did that at the Prairie House Dinner, October 2015.

Victoria was charming, elegant, and witty. I assume a lot of her father is present in her personality. However, she is also a brilliant interior designer which obviously comes from her mother, Mary, who was a costume designer in Hollywood.

Victoria lives in New Mexico and travels constantly promoting her republication of the Treasury, her other books, and her travel business. She writes a blog about living a good life.

Victoria remains a very good and cherished friend of the Eating Vincent Price endeavor and we hope to host her at future events (Hey V, that’s a hint!)

You can learn more about Victoria here.