Le Gratin Savoyard

You’ll need potatoes for your Thanksgiving meal. Mashed are traditional since you’ll be serving gravy from that magnificent bird. However, the Treasury doesn’t offer a mashed potato recipe (actually, maybe it does). So I’m offering this French dish for potatoes au gratin, from the Savoy region of France. It appears on page 61. Mashed potatoes are… Read More Le Gratin Savoyard

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Fernand Point, Father of Modern French Cuisine

The Treasury of Great Recipes begins with French cuisine. As an active gourmand and America’s original foody, Vincent Price knew the importance of French cooking to the culinary landscape of the west. French techniques define good cooking and form the foundation of critical skills for most chefs in Europe and America. Starting a collection of the world’s greatest recipes… Read More Fernand Point, Father of Modern French Cuisine