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  • Sauce Américaine

    It is not an American sauce. It is a French sauce created on the fly for an American guest at a Parisian restaurant cheffed by Pierre Fraisse, around 1860. A guest was in a hurry and ordered lobster. Fraisse didn’t have time to make the usual complicated sauce for lobster so he threw together this classic. Maybe. […]

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  • Tournedos Masséna

    (Beef fillets with Madeira and truffle sauce) This recipe for Tournedos Masséna is from the Hotel Boule d’Or, in Chinon, a historic town in the heart of the Loire Valley, known as the garden of France. Masséna most likely refers to André Masséna, one of the original eighteen Marshals of the Empire, a hero of […]

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  • Soupe à l’Oignon

    (Onion Soup) These days, Taco Bell and Denny’s provide our go-to late night drunk meals[*. Unless you live in Chicago, where there are endless opportunities for post midnight rally meals, most especially the ten billion taquieras up and down Western ave]. But if you’re French or you live in 1954, some place that serves soup […]

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  • Pannequets Soufflés Flambés

    (Flaming Soufflé Pancakes) What is the biggest complaint about pancakes? They’re not on fire. This recipe will fix that. It’s also another recipe wherein the Prices reveal their affinity for freezing stuff that would make a foodie stab themselves in the pancreas (with a hand crafted 8″ chef’s knife, preferably a Henkels). I don’t think […]

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  • Lasserre


    t’s telling that Vincent Price was so careful, when writing about Restaurant Lasserre, to contrast it with iconic Parisian locations. In a few short sentences, Price invokes the charm of Place du Tertre, Bois de Bologne, and the very concept of workingman bistros and the slightly grubby back streets and alleys so intrinsic to the Bohemian […]

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  • Whore

    (originally posted in 2011) nd so I willingly become a whore. Gladly. Openly. Embracingly prostitutional.  This experiment with food is getting interesting as I seek out opportunities to build my knife skills and learn the back of the house. My goal, as stated previously, is to gain confidence in the kitchen—enough to enable me to […]

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  • Volaille Pyramide

    voilaille pyramide

    The Treasury of Great Recipes delivered to America classic French cuisine and recipes from Michelin starred restaurants around the world. Reading these recipes is an adventure—and a little frustrating. The ingredients are listed alone, but their measurements are buried in the recipe. Also, the recipe is written for 1960s housewives and amateur cooks not steeped […]

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  • Mousse de Saumon Perigueux

    Perigueux is a classic French sauce that started with one of the mothers (demi glace) then added a local specialty, truffles, to develop a unique flavor profile. Julia Child loved Perigueux and recommended it for “filet of beef, fresh foie gras, veal, egg dishes, and timbales.” Some recipes call for Madeira instead of cognac and some recipes […]