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Fernand Point, Father of Modern French Cuisine

The Treasury of Great Recipes begins with French cuisine. As an active gourmand and America’s original foody, Vincent Price knew the importance of French cooking to the culinary landscape of the west. French techniques define good cooking and form the foundation of critical skills for most chefs in Europe and America. Starting a collection of the world’s greatest recipes… Read More Fernand Point, Father of Modern French Cuisine

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Soufflé Pudding Pierre

[su_heading]It’s just pudding.[/su_heading] There’s hardly anything here. It’s a souflé pudding, the kind of throw away recipe you can pick up on your phone at Martha Stewart or  It’s easy. It tastes good but it’s not like a show stopping dessert. Especially when you look at the menu included in the book and see the… Read More Soufflé Pudding Pierre

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Dodine de Canard

[su_heading]Once again Price sends me into a flailing tizzy over details which I find maddening.[/su_heading] First, Price mentions in the epistolary paragraph that Escoffier cooked this dish for Sarah Bernhardt but doesn’t say anything else, which makes me crazy because Escoffier and Bernhardt were kind of a thing and historical celebrity dirt is my crack.… Read More Dodine de Canard